Some commonly asked questions about our nature-friendly products.

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What is natural deodorant?

Natural deodorants is a product that’s made without the use of artificial ingredients. At Your Nature it also means no parabens, aluminium or any other toxins.

All our deodorants are handcrafted, 100% vegan, not tested on animals, plastic-free, eco-conscious and fully recyclable. We use essential oils, simple ingredients and no processing to produce an effective deodorant safe for men, women and older children.

What’s the difference between deodorant and antiperspirant?

In the simplest terms, an antiperspirant uses aluminium to block the sweat glands. A natural deodorant deals with body odour using essential oils with naturally antibacterial properties.

Sweat itself is odourless. The smell comes from a mix of sweat and bacteria. Antiperspirants use toxins to plug your sweat glands and prevent a normal bodily function.

Your Nature natural deodorants allow you to sweat normally but avoid the smell by tackling the bacteria.

Does it work?

Yes. If you swop to a natural deodorant from an antiperspirant there’ll be a period of adjustment as your body gets used to releasing sweat. You’ll probably notice after a couple of weeks you sweat less, as your body adjusts to the change.

We use essential oils with natural antibacterial properties that prevent you smelling but allow you to still sweat. An added bonus of using Your Nature deodorants is they also naturally soften and moisturise your delicate skin.

How do I apply Your Nature deodorant?

  • Ensure the skin is fully dry before applying.

  • Push a small amount of product up by using your thumb on the bottom disk. (We’ve designed the lid with extra room so the deodorant won’t get pushed back down.)

  • Place the stick on your underarm for a couple of seconds to warm it, and then swipe the stick over your armpit area twice.

  • The deodorant will need a minute to dry before putting a shirt or top on.

For most people, this one application is enough to last all day. If you’re prone to sweat a lot, this is perfectly safe to reapply multiple times.

How long will my deodorant stick last?

It depends how much you use. One stick can last up to 4 months.

The average user gets 12 weeks from one stick.

Is Your Nature deodorant safe for people with allergies?

We always recommend you check our full list of ingredients here and do a patch test if you’re concerned.

Our products contain essential oils and bicarbonate of soda, which can sometimes cause a rash for people with sensitive skin or allergies.

How ethical are you?

Respecting nature is at the heart of our business. So we work hard to ensure everyone can access a product that’s both ethically conscious and environmentally sound.

This is what that means:

  • Hand crafted using only natural ingredients.
  • No unnecessary processing or added colours.
  • 100% vegan and cruelty free.
  • No aluminium, parabens or carcinogens.
  • Recyclable, plastic-free packaging.

What’s the best way to store my deodorant?

Store in a cool dry place avoiding direct sunlight. The paper applicator is designed to be robust enough to pop in your gym bag or take to work.

If your deodorant becomes too hot it may soften. There’s a simple fix for this. Pop it in the refrigerator for an hour or two to let it harden. Then it will be back to normal and ready to use again.

Where is it made?

All Your Nature natural deodorants are handmade, packaged and distributed from Bristol, UK.

We have stockists across the country and you can buy from us direct here.