Who we are

  • Our Ethos

    We don’t just care about nature – we are nature. Protecting the planet is at the heart of our lives and our business. That’s why our name is Your Nature.

    We’re Dan and Callum Hughes, and Your Nature is a father and son venture we started in 2018 from our home in Bristol.

    From the outset, we put our Earth-friendly ethos into our company – sourcing ingredients from ethical suppliers and designing recyclable, plastic-free packaging.

    So you can be confident you’re buying cruelty-free, natural products that are better for you and the environment.

  • Our beginnings

    Your Nature started from a simple search to find a natural deodorant we liked, was genuinely ethical and worked effectively. When we couldn’t find one, we made it ourselves.

    It took a bit of experimenting with our recipe, scents and packaging until we were finally happy with what we consider the perfect natural stick deodorant.

    It seems we were onto something, and now we’re adding to our popular deodorant range with new natural products that still deliver beautiful, long-lasting scents. 

  • A better future

    We’re excited to let you know we’re expanding our product range! Not only do we continue to sell our popular natural deodorants, but we’re also creating new natural products with unique fragrance combinations. 

    We continue to operate from our premises in Bristol, UK with our eco-conscious, ethical policy at the heart of every product we make. 

    Your Nature remains as it has from day one – a 100% vegan company that will always be plastic free and use only natural ingredients. Don’t settle for anything less.

    Our Products